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"I looked at a lot of sites, looking for parts and begging for coaching on maintenance. Your site is the best I have seen. Parts and info. Just great" Carl, Chapel Hill, NC


Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Satisfaction is our Goal

  • All parts meet or exceed VOLVO specifications.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the part received, your purchase will be refunded
  • Parts have a warranty of 1 year (same as VOLVO dealer warranty)
  • Read more about quality, warranty and return policy

Checklist Before Paying

Product Quality

  • All parts identified as "New OEM" are VOLVO Genuine Parts and Accessories. Of course they meet all VOLVO specifications and quality standards. They are the same parts you would get from a VOLVO dealer and are supplied by an authorized VOLVO dealer.
  • All parts identified as "New" parts (not New OEM) are aftermarket parts build by an independent manufacturer like NGK, Bosch, Scantech, Swedish Car Parts and others. Sometimes they are exactly the same parts you would get from a VOLVO dealer. For example Bosch ignition parts come in a Bosch box instead of a VOLVO box, but they are exactly the same. New aftermarket parts will fit your car and we ensure they are equivalent to the original parts, if not better then original.
  • Read more about the differences between Used and New parts.


  • All parts have a warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects.
  • The warranty above is voided if the part was not installed correctly, if the failure is due to an abusive use, or due to a defect on a related part. We ask for the cause of failure before refunding to improve our products.
  • Read more about the differences between Used and New parts.

Return and Refund Policy

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product received, simply return it and you will get a full refund of the original amount paid, if the product is returned in good condition.
  • If you return a product because it is not needed anymore, it was found elsewhere or for any other reason, you will get a partial refund. The shipping cost will not be refunded.
  • We do not refund before the product is returned and checked in good condition. If the product you received is badly damaged and not worth returning you must contact us for instructions.
  • If you never received the order and the shipping delay is well over the delivery time suggested in the shipping table above you will be either refunded or the order will be shipped again.
  • The refund is processed via PayPal and you will receive an e-mail confirming when the refund is done and the amount refunded.
  • From the time you receive the refund confirmation e-mail, it can take up to 5 business days before the refund shows up on your credit card statement
  • You need to return a product now? Click here to get the customer service page with complete return instructions.

How to pay for your order

  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • You can also pay with the funds in your PayPal account if you have one.
  • Note that you don't need to open a PayPal account for direct credit card payment, but PayPal is still used to validate the card and your identity.
  • When paying with PayPal, your purchase will be described on one or two lines only. You will not see the whole content of your shopping cart but the total amount is correct. This is completely normal. We receive the whole shopping cart separately and you will receive an email confirmation of your order with the detailed description of your order within 24 hours.
  • We do not accept checks, money orders, certified checks, cash, or any other form of payments. However you can make an echeck payment via PayPal.

Catalog Format


When an image containing more than one item is displayed, the item number gives the position of the part in the image. Note that the images usually don't show exactly all the products listed below. In many cases the image is a general representation of the part category listed below, intended to help you find what you are looking for faster. For example, we put only one picture or icon of a spark plug and list below all the spark plugs we carry in stock.  If you see a picture item not listed in the table, unfortunately we don't have it in stock anymore, or it could be listed in another category.

Part Description

Short text description of the part. Some parts are hard to describe and various English terms are used to designate the same thing. Please ask for any clarification.

LEFT side is the DRIVER side in North America.
RIGHT side is the PASSENGER side in North America.


The model(s) on which the part was originally fitted.  Some examples are explained in the table below. To learn about the different models, trim levels, engine combination, and how many were produced, visit the VOLVO Models Information page.To know more about your specific car, for example what type of engine you have, please visit the Vehicle Identification Plates page.

Model What it means
  when nothing is written in the "model" column, the part will fit ALL models
242 fits the 242 model ONLY, i.e. 200 series 2 door models
242,244 fits both the 242 and 244 models (2 and 4 doors 200 Series)
B230 fits any model with the B230 engine, including B230F and B230FT Turbo
M46 fits any model with the M46 transmission
Cibie the part is made by Cibie and will fit all models that originally came with a Cibie part
Sedan fits all sedans, cars with 2 or 4 doors (not station wagon)
Wagon fits the station wagon


Applicable years during which the part was originally fitted by VOLVO. The table below shows a few examples. Get more information about the production years of your car ...

Year What it means
  When nothing is written in the "year" column, the part will fit ALL years
-80 the part fits cars produced up to 1980, INCLUDING 1980
81-85 the part fits cars produced from 1981 to 1985, INCLUDING 1981 and 1985
86- the part fits cars produced from 1986 and after, INCLUDING 1986
82 the part fits only cars produced in 1982

Part Number

Identification number of the part. It is either the original VOLVO part number or a number we invented.

Type - Part Condition

New Aftermarket Parts (NEW):

  • New parts are aftermarket parts built by an independent manufacturer like NGK, Bosch, Scantech, Swedish Car Parts and others. Sometimes they are exactly the same parts you would get from a VOLVO dealer. For example Bosch ignition parts come in a Bosch box instead of a VOLVO box, but they are exactly the same.
  • New Parts are guaranteed for 1 year
  • Most new aftermarket parts, including all lights and lenses, are shipped from Chicago, Illinois by UPS or by mail for small items. A tracking number will be provided for UPS shipments. No tracking number for mail shipments. See shipping table below for details..
  • Delivery time for new aftermarket parts is less than 1 week for 99% of the orders shipped to the USA.


  • New OEM parts are genuine VOLVO replacement parts supplied by an authorized VOLVO dealer. They are OEM original VOLVO parts and exactly the same as the part you would get from your dealer. They usually are shipped in the original blue VOLVO box.
  • New parts are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • New OEM VOLVO parts are shipped from Montreal, Canada, by Air Mail, Expedited Ground Mail or UPS. No tracking number will be supplied (except UPS shipments). Delivery time is 1 week on small items and up to 4 weeks on big items. See shipping table below for details..

Used Parts (USED):

  • We don't sell used parts anymore but check our affiliate web site VLVcanada.ca for a vast inventory of used Volvo parts.


  • Price of the part in American dollars (US$), shipping cost is not included in the price. 
  • To get a quote on shipping cost, click the BUY button to add parts to the shopping cart (you can always remove them later) and look at the line with the shipping amount, and the total on the bottom line.


  • The quantity you wish to purchase, set the quantity before clicking on the BUY button. By default it is set to 1.
  • To remove an item from the shopping cart, set the quantity in the shopping cart to 0 then click RECALCULATE.

Taxes, Duty, Exchange Rate

  • US citizens:
    • No sales tax is charged
    • All parts are shipped from USA.
    • There are no  "handling fees".
    • The total of your order equals the total price of the parts + shipping.
  • Canadian citizens:
  • The prices in the Catalogs are in American dollars (US$). Your credit card will be charged in US dollars. If you wish to know the conversion rate for the Canadian dollar we suggest you try The Universal Currency Converter web site. The current rate for the Canadian dollar is almost 1.00, basically it the same price in $US or $Canadian. The final price paid on your credit card bill is about 2% higher than the $US price listed. The credit card company usually takes around %2 on the conversion.
  • All parts are shipped from USA to Canada. 5% GST and a $5.00 CDN handling fee is to be paid to the postman on delivery. A delivery notice is posted on your door if you are not present at delivery time. You can usually pick up the box yourself at your local post office or wait for another delivery attempt.
  • Outside USA and Canada:
    • we do not ship parts outside USA and Canada.
    • If you are traveling to USA or Canada and want parts to be shipped to your hotel, we cannot guarantee you will receive them in time before you leave. In the past we experienced many problems with shipping to hotels and other temporary place of residence. We refuse this type of order now.
    • if you have the order shipped to a 3rd party exporting service, for example a drop off location in Miami to have it re-shipped to Latin America, we are responsible for shipping the order to Miami only. We will not provide any special assistance, for example special invoices for customs purposes or other documentation. In the past we experienced many problems with shipping to 3rd party exporters and we refuse this type of order now.
    • In short, if you are not a resident of USA or Canada we prefer you order parts elsewhere unfortunately.


Shipping Information

  • Shipping cost is not included in the Catalog price. To have a quote on shipping a specific part simply click on BUY to add the part to your cart. The shipping cost is computed in the shopping cart.
  • You can't come to our location to pick-up parts in person and save the shipping cost. We are fully "internet and shipping" oriented and we don't currently have facilities to safely welcome customers for order pick-ups.

Shipping Method - Delivery time - Tracking Number

Type of Part
Shipped from
Shipping Method
Tracking number supplied
Delivery Time to continental USA*
New Parts for 1975 and later models including 240, 740, 940, 850, V70, S60, .. Chicago, Illinois
  • UPS Standard
  • US mail (small items)
  • Yes for UPS shipments
  • No for mail shipments
  • 2 to 5 business days
    New Parts for vintage models including the 544, 122, 1800, 140, 164 Series North Charleston, South Carolina
  • UPS Standard
  • US Mail
  • Yes for UPS shipments
  • No for mail shipments
  • 2 to 8 business days
    • Delivery times are approximate and are not guaranteed.
    • We do not guarantee you will get a tracking number to track your order.
    • We ship parts anywhere in the USA and Canada. We do not ship to other countries.

    When Receiving the part(s).....

    • If the box looks obviously damaged, do not accept it. You must mention to the person delivering the package that you are refusing it because it is damaged. The part will be returned here and you will get a full refund.
    • If you accept the box and you realize after inspection that the part was damaged in shipping please do not return it. Keep the part in its original box for possible inspection by UPS. You will get a full refund for your order.
    • More about our customer service, return address, refund policies, request order status ...

    Why Shop for VOLVO Parts on the Internet?

    There are many reasons to shop on the Internet when you compare with other sources of VOLVO parts:

    • The prices are very competitive and the quality is the same or better than elsewhere! If you think the prices are too low to be true, and have doubt about the quality of our products, please read our quality and warranty statement.
    • You can't actually shop and browse VOLVO parts elsewhere. Most stores, including VOLVO dealers, don't allow customers to browse and look at the actual parts before purchasing. When they do, at places like Auto Zone for example, they have a very limited inventory of products for VOLVO's. Most stores don't have a Catalog of the products they offer.
    • You don't have time to shop for VOLVO parts by calling 2, 3, or 4 different car parts stores, dealers or recyclers and arguing with a sales person who knows nothing about your VOLVO. Trying to explain on the phone or in person what is the part you need can be very frustrating.
    • When you own an older VOLVO model like a 740, 240 or older, even the VOLVO dealer staff don't know much about your car! Instead of taking the time to search and learn to help you find the parts needed, they will simply pretend the parts are no longer available and ask you to go elsewhere ! They make more money selling new cars and doing service work !
    • The nearest VOLVO parts supplier might be too far away from your home, or open only at specific hours not compatible with your work schedule.
    • Without leaving the comfort of your home or office, you can use your computer to shop for the parts you need and save big on quality VOLVO replacement parts
    • Order any time of the day and night. You decide when it is the right time for you.

    Printing the Catalog or a Single Page

    • Print a page or the whole Catalog for use away from the computer, closer to your car.
    • First make sure you are viewing the whole site by clicking http://www.VLVworld.com
    • On the navigation bar, click Parts Search to view the different VOLVO models available.
    • Find your VOLVO model and click the corresponding picture or underlined text . For example for the VOLVO 740, 760 or 780 parts Catalog, click on the image or the text below:
    • Volvo Parts, Volvo 740 and 760 Parts and Accessories
      VOLVO 740
      VOLVO 760 - 780

      GL - GLE - Turbo - Diesel - SE

    • This opens the Table of Contents, listing the different Catalog sections.
    • Use your web browser to print the pages on your printer.
      With Microsoft Internet Explorer go in 'File' and 'Print...'.
      With Netscape go in 'File' and 'Print'
    • Check to select options "Print only selected frame" and "Print all linked documents". This will print the table of content (toc.htm) and all sections of the Catalog (files Section_1_1.htm, Section_1_2.htm, ....)
    • A page number is shown at the bottom of each web page. The page number is useful when ordering by phone.

    Our product line

    • We sell exclusively parts, accessories and manuals for most Volvo passenger car models sold in north America, from 1956 to today.
    • We don't sell parts for other Volvo products like trucks, buses, boat engines (Volvo Penta), machinery, ..

    Finding what is the problem with your car and the part required to fix it

    This web site is operated as a self-serve vending machine. In the past we tried helping customers troubleshooting their cars by exchanging emails and phone calls. However we reached the conclusion that just like a doctor, we can't be efficient and professional without seeing the "patient". If you phone your local repair shop they will have the same answer "bring it in and we will have a look at it". Also like any other car part store, we can't provide advice on how to install the part, technician are there to do this job.

    Let say that following our advice a customer purchases and replaces a part on his car but it doesn't fix the problem. The customer will typically pretend it is our fault, even if we never saw the car and he could have mis-described the problem, and will request a full refund, including the shipping costs. At the end, we are being guilty of trying to help and we loose money!

    Where you can go for help:

    • Purchase a repair manual from this web site. We have very good manuals for most Volvo models. They are a very good investment that will make you save a lot of money on repair bills.
    • Check on the internet the various Volvo owner's web sites like BrickBoard.com, VPtuning.com, TurboBricks.org. Those Volvo community's main purpose is to help owners repair and improve their car and you will easily find people who experienced the same problem and will volunteer helpful hints.
    • Consult with a local technician, preferably with Volvo experience.

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