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5.4 Wipers
5.4.1 Blades and Wiper Arms
5.4.2 Motor/Linkage Mechanism
5.4.3 Front Washer Tank and Pump
5.4.4 Rear Washer Tank and Pump [wagon]
5.4.5 Wiper/washer Switch
5.4.6 Wiper Delay Relay

This section explains the procedures for replacing all the components of the wiper and washer system. You can find and purchase most of the parts described in this page in the following parts catalogue pages from

240/260 Wiper catalogue page

740/760/780 Wiper catalogue page

940/960/S90/V90 Wiper catalogue page

5.4.1 Blades and Wiper Arms
On all volvo models the wipers consist of a blade [1], a wiper arm [2], and a motor/linkage assembly [hidden underneath the panel].
The blades wear periodically and must be replaced. In snow affected areas it is common to use winter blades. These are sealed, heavy-duty blades designed so that snow or ice will not compromise the wiper function. However, for the longevity of the wiper motor, it is best to only use winter blades during seasons of snow and ice.

Changing Wiper Blades
  • Lift wiper arm upwards
  • Inspect the join between the blade and arm
  • Unclip the blade from the arm (may need to use a flat head screw driver to unfasten depending on the type of clip)
  • Replace blade with one of the same length (most come with new fasteners, if needed)
  • Occasionally wipe the blades with a damp cloth to keep them clean and working effectively
Changing Wiper arms
  • Open the hinge cover [above 3 in Figure 5.4.1a]
  • Undo the 13mm wiper arm nut [Figure 5.4.1b]
  • Pull the wiper arm off the shaft (do not twist)
  • When reinstalling the new arm ensure that it is at the correct angle before fastening the nut

Figure 5.4.1a Wiper Arm Assembly

Figure 5.4.1b

5.4.2 Wiper Motor/Linkage Assembly
The wiper motor is located underneath the body panel at the base of the window screen. One motor drives both arms, with a linkage assembly connecting them both.

Accessing the Wiper Motor [700/900 series]
  • Remove the wiper arms (see above)
  • Open the hood and remove the three 13mm body panel bolts [Figure 5.4.2b]
  • Carefully pry up on the panel from the window screen edge
  • There is a plastic guard over the motor. To remove it pull out the rubber seal from near the passenger side wiper arm and undo the 13mm nut

Figure 5.4.2a

Figure 5.4.2b

Front Washer Tank and Pump

Rear Washer Tank and Pump [wagon]

Washer/Wiper Switch

Wiper Delay Relay
Please see the 700 Fuse and Relay page for location and removal procedures.

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