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1.1 VOLVO Owner's Manuals

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1.1 Owner's Manuals How to operate and maintain your VOLVO, glove box manual.
1.2 VOLVO Service Manuals Detailed information on how to repair, maintain or restore your car (e.g. how to change brakes)
1.3 Other Manuals Dealer brochures, parts catalogues, color samples, etc... go to

The VOLVO owner's manuals are the books the new owner get when purchasing the car. They should stay with the car when it is sold to the next owner, because it contains essential information on how to operate and maintain the car, warranty information and maintenance records.

Figure ownpo24.jpg
Pouch for Owner's Manuals
The owner's manuals are contained in a pouch. A VOLVO 240 black pouch is shown here; the earlier models had a blue pouch with the VOLVO logo in white printed on it.


Owner's Manuals

The Owner's Manual itself is the small book provided with the car and usually kept in the glove box. This book is small in size but huge in terms of the amount and value of the information it contains. If you loss your manual or didn't get it from the previous owner when purchasing the car, you are missing valuable information on how to drive and maintain your VOLVO. It describes the function of every button in the car and shows features of your VOLVO that you may not be aware about, for example child safety door locks, hidden tool kit, how to remove back seat and many more. The owner's manual also describes how to start and drive the car, towing capacities, tune-up and maintenance specifications, routine maintenance like checking fuses, changing headlight and corner light bulbs, and much more.


Figure sched76.jpg
Maintenance Schedule

The Warranty and Maintenance Schedule booklet lists all items that must be checked and /or replaced periodically in order to keep your VOLVO in top working condition, and to maintain your warranty valid, if your car is still covered by a warranty. For example at what interval the engine oil and filter must be replaced, when should the air filter be checked, door hinge lubed, and much more. The booklet doesnt explain how this work should be done, that information is found in the service manuals. Note that the most critical maintenance items are also listed in the owner's manual, but this booklet lists all items and present the information in a more practical and complete way. When a car goes to a VOLVO dealer for periodic maintenance work under warranty, the record of the work is kept in the Warranty and Maintenance Record booklet described below.


Figure warr78.jpg
Maintenance Records

The Warranty and Maintenance Records booklet is a log book of the maintenance and repair done on the car. When a car goes to a VOLVO dealer for periodic maintenance work under warranty, the dealer will stamp the booklet to prove that the work was done, indicate the mileage of the car and any comments. Note that the work to be done is listed in the Warranty and Maintenance Schedule, and how this work should be done is described in details in the service manuals.


Figure michelin.jpg
Tire Warranty

The Tire Warranty booklet describes the warranty provided by the original tire manufacturer. The tires are covered by a seperate warranty assumed by the tire manufacturer, for example Michelin and Pirelli. It contains information on recommended tire inflation, maximum load, speed rating and more. Most of this information is also found in the Owner's Manual itself. If your car is over 5 years old or doesnt have the original tires this booklet is not necessary.


Figure TBD
VOLVO Dealers List

The VOLVO Dealers List gives the address and phone number of all VOLVO dealers in North America, listed by state and province. It may be usefull if your car breaks down during a trip far away from home. It doesnt list independant VOLVO repair shops however.

Figure radman.jpg
VOLVO Radio Manual

You may also find in the glove box of your VOLVO operation manuals for optional equipments, for example a Radio Operation Manual or Cruise Control Operation Manual. We recommend you get those manuals if the operation instructions are not provided in the Owner's Manual itself. Later VOLVO radios have a lot of buttons and it is sometimes very hard to figure out simple things like how to adjust the clock!

At we stock used owner's manuals and they are hard to find and keep on the shelf. The pre-owned manuals listed in our parts catalogues are in good condition but usually not like new. We check that they are complete and lisible.You can always buy a new manual through a VOLVO dealer, but we don't offer them to our customers because of the long ordering delay, over a month for most manuals. Note that manuals for older models are still available, check with your VOLVO dealer.

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