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5.1 Headlights, Front Corner Lights, Foglights, Front Grill
5.1.1 Lights
5.1.2 Grill
5.1.3 Low Mounted Fog Lights (under bumper)
5.1.4 Switches
5.1.5 Relays


This section describes the replacement procedures of the headlights and lighting controls. The corner lenses are particularly vulnerable to cracking due to deterioration of the glue and because they align perfectly with grocery store shopping carts. Aftermarket replacement lenses are straightforward to install and cost much less than the OEM parts.
Our part numbers are listed at the bottom of each section so you can find needed parts quickly at

The method for replacement of bulbs in the various lighting units is shown on the follow- ing pages. Make sure when installing bulbs, that the guide pin on the socket fits into its corresponding recess.
When installing Halogen bulbs, do not touch the glass with your fingers. The reason for this is that grease, oil or any other impurities can be carbonized onto the bulb and damage the reflector.
Use bulbs of correct type and voltage. Failure to do so could cause the bulb failure warning light to activate

Headlight/Corner Light Assembly

Select your volvo:

740 1984-1989
760 1982-1987

740 1990-1992
760 1988-1990
940 1991-1995
Without Grill Adjacent Fog Lights
To Be Completed


740 1990-1992
760 1988-1990
940 1991-1995
960 1992-1994
With Grill Adjacent Fog Lights
To Be Completed

The North American headlight setup for these years consists of separate high and low beam headlights, corner parking lights, and horizontal turn signals. The headlights are sealed beam units, so the glass lens must be replaced along with the bulb.

Headlight Chrome Frames

  • Open the hood and located the clip holding the headlight frame (figure 1). Squeeze the clip and pull it upwards. Be carefull not to break the eye on the chrome frame. Push the frame inward to loosen the clip as much as possible.
  • Lift up the chrome frame slightly and pull it outward (figure 2). Locating holes at the bottom of the frame mate with pegs on the body, one on each side. Lift up the frame to free from the pegs, be carefull not to break the bottom locating holes.
Description Model Years Side Part Number
Headlight CHROME frame 740
Left, Driver 1268674
Right, Passenger 1268675


Figure 1 Removing the top clip

Figure 2 Removing the frame

Headlight Beams

  • Remove the 4 philips-head screws holding the metal lens frame (figure 3)
  • Remove the lens frame and move the headlight unit forwards
  • Disconnect the socket in the back (figure 4). If hard to pull use a flat scew driver to pry straight up as shown in picture
  • Installation is done by reversing the procedure. Check the headlight alignment and adjust if required with the alignment screw on top of the unit.
Description Model Years Side Part Number
Headlight rectangular LOW beam, halogen sealed beam type H4656 2A1 740
Left or Right 1235115
Headlight rectangular HIGH beam, halogen sealed beam type H4651 1A1 740
Left or Right 1312040


Figure 3 Removing the beam retaining frame

Figure 4 Disconnecting the light beam

Turn Signal Lights and Corner Lights

The corner light is the parking or position light. The flashing turn signal light is located under the headlights (figure 3)


Figure 3 Headlight Mounting Bracket

Bulb Checking and Replacement

  • Before you start to replace a bulb check the status of the rear lights. If a rear light on the same side of the car is also not working, the problem could be with a burnt fuse.
  • Both lights use the same bulb US type 1157 orange bulb. We sell that as part number 1157ora.
  • Open the hood and look behind the lights, spot the socket with defective bulb (Figure 3).
  • Most sockets can be reached without removing anything to access, if necessary pull the wiper tank filler tube straight up, remove the air filter box cover or the battery.
  • Leave the socket connected, do not remove the connector at this point (figure 3).
  • Slightly press in and turn the bulb socket a quarter turn anti-clockwise
  • Remove socket with bulb from the housing.
  • Remove the bulb from the socket by pressing in and turning slightly counterclockwise. If the light bulb suddenly comes ON you may select to leave it as is, the bulb is good. If the bulb is to loose try to pry in very slightly the metal tab on the socket outer rim to squeeze the bulb base.
  • To make sure the bulb is really burnt swap the bulb with antoher known good one from the other side.
  • If you know the bulb is good but it doesnt come ON, check with a voltmeter that one of the pins in the socket is at 12 Volts when the light switch is on. Check also the grounding point on the inner fender, follow the wire harness upstream, where a group of wires is connected.
  • If necessary grab what remains of a broken bulb with a vise-grip, just press slightly and turn anti-clock
  • When installing a new bulb use a touch of Vaseline type grease to protect the bulb metal base.
  • To install the new bulb, look at the base and align the locating pins with the correct slot, one side may be deeper than the other.
  • Press in the bulb and turn clockwise.

Headlight Alignment

Adjustment can be performed by parking your volvo perpendicular to a dark wall, so you can see the beam spread.

Open the hood and locate the alignment knobs behind the headlights as shown in figure 3. Each light can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Turn slowly each knob.

Alternatively you can take a flat screwdriver and adjust from the front of the car, by turning the top or side screw (figure 5).

Figure 5 Headlights alignment screws

Corner Light Replacement

  • Locate in figure 3 the single stud retaining the corner ligth assembly. Remove the bulb socket as described above. You need a 10mm socket to undo the stud mounting nut. Remove interferring parts if necessary to reach the nut.
  • Spray the nut and stud thread with lubricant (wd-40) if necessary.
  • Using a deep 10mm socket undo the nut and keep it for re-use.
  • Slide the light straight out and retain the rubber seal on the fender.
  • Put back the socket and bulb on the new light.
  • Slide the new light in place. There is a locating plate on the headlight bracket and a locating peg on the back of the light housing. Position and compress the seal and light housing slowly in place.




Description Model Years Side Part Number
Front Parking Light Assembly 740
Left, Driver 1342330
Right, Passenger 1342331


Turn Signal Replacement

  • Remove the 2 bulb sockets shown in figure 3.
  • Remove the corner light as described in previous section.
  • Remove the grill as described in the section below
  • Lubricate the four headlight mounting bracket studs shown in figure 3, using wd40 or similar product.
  • Using a deep 10mm socket undo all nuts from the headlight frame studs
  • Slide the whole headlight assembly forwards and remove from the car
  • Undo the two 10mm nuts on the front grill side bracket studs
  • Undo the two 10mm nuts on the turn signal housing studs
  • Slide the turn signal assembly forwards to remove it from the headlight housing
Description Model Years Side Part Number
Front turn signal assembly 740
Left, Driver 1342328
Right, Passenger 1342329



Front Grill

The front grill is secured by two clips which attach to side brackets on the headlight assembly. To replace the grill mounting side brackets follow the instructions on headlight frame removal in the turn signal section.

Grill Removal

  • Take out the two plastic clips
  • Tilt the top of the grill forwards and raise slightly to remove from the car.
Side Bracket Removal

Description Model Years Side Part Number
Front grill, CHROME, with emblem 740
Front grill side bracket 740
Left, Driver 1358942
Right, Passenger 1358943

Fog Lights

The fog lights are mounted on plastic brackets secured to the bumper. They are sealed units so replacement involves the whole lens assembly.

Bulb/Lens Replacement

  • Undo the two philips screws on each side of the lens
  • Pull lens forward and disconnect the electrical connections
  • Reassemble
Bracket Replacement
  • Undo the two 13mm nuts at the top of the bracket behind the bumper
  • Undo the single 13mm nut at the bottom of the bracket behind the lens housing

Description Model Years Part Number
Fog light bulb (halogen, 55 Watt) 740
Fog light replacement capsule 740
Fog light holding bracket 740
Fog light complete factory kit with instructions, mounted under bumper. Includes a spoiler with holes for lights. 740 85-89 1394947




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