VOLVO Vehicle Identification Plates - 1961 to 1974

1. The engine type designation (B18 or B20), part number (eg. 496860) and serial number (eg. 472123) are given on the left- hand side of the engine block, between the block breather and the distributor.  For the part number, the first digits are molded on the block (eg 4968), while the last 2 digits (eg. 60) are stamped on a machined, raised surface.  For identifying the engine, the part number is what you really need. Following the part number is the serial number, with all figures stamped.   To find more about the engine in your car, read  the Product Plate decoding below.

2. Body number. A consecutive number assigned to each bare body. The body number is not what you need to correctly identify the car, please refer instead to the chassis number below. The chassis number was assigned only to complete production cars. Some bodies were scraped during production or used for development and testing purposes.

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3. Product Plate: Please select your VOLVO:


4. Gearbox type designation (eg. M40), serial number (eg. 12345) and part number (eg. 254250). When changing transmission it is recommended to change with one of the same part number, in the example 254250. 

5. Type and chassis number stamped on body of the cars produced from 1967 on (Example1443368 W 282358). Refer to the product plate for decoding, it is   the same information repeated from the product plate

6. Rear axle. Reduction ratio on plate attached to lower part of inspection cover, for example 4.1 or 4.56


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