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The VOLVO 780 is a special version of the VOLVO 760 model, built by Bertone in Italy. A total of only 8518 were built between 1986 and 1991. With the proven performance of the 760, the Bertone design and luxury, the light 2 door chassis, it's really a VOLVO sports car. The interior of the car is quite impressive with the premium sound system, wood trims, leather seats.

The partnership between Volvo and Bertone of Italy started in the 70's when Volvo commisionned Bertone to design an ultra luxury model based on its top of the line Volvo 260 model. The Volvo 262C was created, later renamed Coupé, and sold from 1978 to 1981. The Volvo 780 is the second model Volvo created in partnership with Bertone.

The 780 was available with a 6 cylinder engine or a 4 cylinder Turbo charged engine. The same engine used in the 760 and 740 models.

The drivetrain is the same as a 760, including engine, suspension , transmission, rear axle and more. However every body panel and interior parts are different from the 760, including doors, fenders, tail lights, grills, seats and more. Because of the low production and low support from VOLVO themselves, body parts are hard to find for the 780.

The 780 is already a collectable VOLVO model because of its rarity, but it doesnt translate in $ value because VOLVO enthusiasts stay away from those expensive models with only 2 door (not practical) and 6 cylinder engine. From the outside the 780 doesn't look much different from a lot of other cars on the road, so it is not noticed by car collectors in general.


VOLVO 780 Betone logo

Models and Engines. Click engine name for more info

Model Engine From To Comment
VOLVO 780 6 CYL - 1986 1991 The 780 was available with a V6 engine or 4 cyl Turbo. The 780 6 cyl is the same as in the 760 GLE
- B280F 1986 1991
VOLVO 780 TURBO - 1986 1991 The 780 Turbo has a 4 cyl Turbocharged engine, with special Turbo + kits increasing its the output of the B230FT engine from the base of 160 hp. This kit was available for the 740 and 760 Turbo models as an option, but was standard on the 780 B230FT
- B230FT 1986 1991

Chassis available

Name Style Description From To Total Production
VOLVO 780 2 door coupe 700 Series, 6 cyl. or 4 cyl Turbo engine, 2 door coupe 1986 1991 8518

VOLVO 780 Bertone Production
VOLVO 780 Bertone Production
VOLVO 780 1986 VOLVO 780 G 1 683 B280F AW71
VOLVO 780 1986 VOLVO 780 TURBO G B230FT M46,AW71
VOLVO 780 1987 VOLVO 780 H 1200 2035 B280F AW71
VOLVO 780 1987 VOLVO 780 TURBO H B230FT M46,AW71
VOLVO 780 1988 VOLVO 780 J 4000 2334 B280F AW71
VOLVO 780 1988 VOLVO 780 TURBO J B230FT M46,AW71
VOLVO 780 1989 VOLVO780 K 6500 2166 B280F AW71
VOLVO 780 1989 VOLVO 780 TURBO K B230FT M46,AW71
VOLVO 780 1990 VOLVO 780 TURBO L B230FT M46,AW71
VOLVO 780 1990 VOLVO 780 L 9000 1300 B280F AW71
VOLVO 780 1991 VOLVO 780 M 11300 B280F AW71
VOLVO 780 1991 VOLVO 780 TURBO M B230FT M46,AW71

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