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The VOLVO 544 is the direct follower of the VOLVO 444 model and retains most of its components and body style. Up to 1961 it came with the B16 6 Volt engine, from 1962 it uses the B18 12 Volts engine shared with the VOLVO 120 and VOLVO 1800 models. The 544 styling is much like some Fords of the 1940's but smaller. It really doesn't look like a car from the 60's but it was sold until 1966! From 1961 the 544 is also identified as the "110" model in the VOLVO's literature.

The VOLVO 210 model is considered the station wagon or panel truck version of the VOLVO 544, but the look is deceptive because it doesn't share the same frame and most body panels are different.

The VOLVO 544 is quite popular with old car collectors because baby boomers who owned one (or dreamed of) in the 60's want to remember the good old days with their first girlfriend. Parts are not easy to find, you can forget about good used parts but we carry a good inventory of new original and reproduction parts.

The front king pin suspension, front brake drums, seating position much like a pickup truck makes it hard to drive in modern day traffic. It keeps its value and worth the investment if you don't intend to drive it too much.

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Full Name Engine From To Comment
VOLVO 544 Sport - 1959 1966 In the USA and Canada the 544 Sport is the more performant model, equipped with the dual carburetor engine and 4 speed transmission. The 544 Sport was also more luxurious than the base model. Luxury here means for example 2 sun visors, a cigarette lighter, grab handles, rims around the hub caps, trims on the doors and fenders. By todays standard this sounds strange but the 544 Standard sold in post-war europe had to be very basic to be affordable.
- B16B 1959 1961
- B18D 1962 1966
VOLVO 544 Standard - 1959 1966 Identifies the base model, with the single carburetor engine and 3 speed transmission. Not sold in the USA.
- B16A 1959 1961
- B18A 1962 1966

Chassis available
Name Style Description From To Total Production Picture
VOLVO 544 2 door sedan 544 2 door, unit body construction 1959 1966 243995 View a picture

VOLVO 544 Production
VOLVO 544 1959 Standard, Sport A 196006 99494 B16A,B16B M3,M4
VOLVO 544 1960 Standard, Sport A B16A,B16B M3,M4
VOLVO 544 1961 Standard, Sport B 295000 34600 B16A,B16B M30,M40
VOLVO 544 1962 Standard, Sport C 330100 37900 B18A,B18D M30,M40
VOLVO 544 1963 Standard, Sport D 368000 27100 B18A,B18D M30,M40
VOLVO 544 1964 Standard, Sport E 395100 24200 B18A,B18D M30,M40
VOLVO 544 1965 Standard, Sport F 419300 17300 B18A,B18D M30,M40
VOLVO 544 1966 Standard, Sport G 436600 3400 B18A,B18D M30,M40

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