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VOVLO 240 DL, GL, GLE, GT (1975-1978) First Generation

Volvo 244 DL 1976VOLVO 242 GT 1978

This is what the first VOLVO 240 looked liked in 1975 when it started. This style was used on various models until 1980, with the 242 1980 2 door being the last model to have this style of front end. Note the single 7 inches round headlights, flat hood, high and big front bumper.

VOLVO 242 GT 1978, grey view
VOLVO 244 DL 1978 grey of Victor Escudero view
VOLVO 244 DL 1976 blue 1976 view
VOLVO 242 yellow European front with square lights view
VOLVO 242 DL unknow year, modified, blue and yellow, with spoiler view
VOLVO 242 DL unknow year, modified, front blue and yellow view
VOLVO 242 DL unknown year, burgundy, view
VOLVO 242 DL 1976 green of Mathieu Allard 1976 view

VOLVO 240 DL, GL, GLE, GLT, TURBO, COUPE (1979-1985) Second Generation

VOLVO 240 GLVOLVO 262C 1978 by Bertone

Shown above are examples of the second generation of the VOLVO 240 and 260. The hood is not flat anymore, the center was raised and 2 round or 2 rectangular headlights are located on each side (2 low beam, 2 high beam lamps). The 2 round headlights were used in 1979 on the 240 station wagon and on earlier 260's. Most models came with 2 rectangular headlights up to 1985. European models had a different front end. The hood, grill and headlights were different in europe during this period.

VOLVO 264 GL 1976 Red, owner's manual cover tp1258-2
VOLVO 264 GL 1979 Light Blue, owner's manual cover tp1733-1
VOLVO 242 GLT 1981 grey with 760 wheels 242GLT81.jpg
VOLVO 264 GLE 1981 burgundy, owner's manual cover 264_81.jpg
VOLVO 242 DL 1982 burgundy of Tony Giverin 242DL82.jpg
VOLVO 242 DL 1982 burgundy, rear view, of Tony Giverin 242DL82rear.jpg
VOLVO 242 DL 1982 B21A engine of Tony Giverin 242B21A.jpg
VOLVO 242 DL 1981 burgundy of Bryan Guiespe 242DL81.jpg
VOLVO 245 DL 1982 grey of the Gillespie's 245DL82.jpg
VOLVO 245 DL 1982 grey, front view, of the Gillespie's 245DL82front.jpg
VOLVO 240 GLT, unknown year, burgundy, 240glt_81-85.jpg
VOLVO 244 GLT, black, unknown year 244-7.jpg
VOLVO 245 1979 gold with tinted windows and Turbo/GLT mags 245gold.jpg
VOLVO 245 1979 orange 240-79.jpg
VOLVO 265 modified European car, blue, owned by Richard de Leeuw 265RL.jpg
VOLVO 240 grey with GTS headlight covers 244wh.jpg
VOLVO 262C 1978, grey, owner's manual cover 262C_1978
VOLVO 262C 1980 Coupé, gold, front view, of Doug Wildeboer 262C80.jpg
VOLVO 262C 1980 Coupé, B28F engine, of Doug Wildeboer 262CB28F.jpg
VOLVO 262C 1980 Coupé, gold, rear view, of Doug Wildeboer 262C80rear.jpg
VOLVO 262C 1980 Coupé, gold, interior, of Doug Wildeboer 262C80int.jpg
VOLVO 262C 1981 Coupé, red with black top 262C81.jpg

VOLVO 240 DL, GL (1986-1993) Last Generation

VOLVO 244 DL 1992

Starting in 1986 and up to the last production year 1993 the VOLVO 240 front end looked like the car shown above. This style is similar to the models sold in Europe with big square headlights. The trunk lid is domed, the bumpers are smaller and covered with plastic, the lower edge of the doors have a wide plastic trim and the mirrors are more aerodynamic than earlier models

VOLVO 244 DL 1992 White, VOLVO Car sales brochure view
VOLVO 244 GL 1992 Black, VOLVO Car sales brochure view
VOLVO 244 DL 1990 Gold view
VOLVO 240 1991 B230F engine 24091B230F.jpg
VOLVO 244 or 245, unknown year, burgundy, 240-3.jpg

Modified and customized vehicles


VOLVO 240 Pick Up Truck from Eastgate VOLVO pickup.jpg
VOLVO 240 Pick Up Truck from Eastgate VOLVO pickup2.jpg

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