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The VOLVO 164 is largely based on the VOLVO 140 model, but with an in line 6 cyl engine and more upscale trims like leather seats, power steering and more. The 164 and 140 are the same car from the rear bumper to the base of the windshield. However the whole front end and front suspension are unique to the 164. The front hood and grill of the 164 is one of the nicest design ever made by VOLVO. It really looks classy ! The 164 was at the top of the Volvo line in terms of luxury and prestige.

The VOLVO 164 was produced from 1969 to 1975 and a total of 153189 cars were sold. All VOLVO 164's are 4 door sedans. The car got more and more popular and the production peaked in 1974 to over 29000 car sold. After 1975 the VOLVO 260 model replaced the 164 as the top of the line luxury model. As can be seen from the production table below it was not produced in great numbers and parts specific to the 164 are accordingly hard to find.

The engine in the 164 is the B30 in-line 6 cylinder, 3 liter, overhead valves. From 1969 to 1972 the B30A engine's fuel system is 2 Stomberg carburetors, outputting 145HP @5500. From 1972 to 1975 the B30E/F fuel injected engine with Bosch D jet system was used. In 1972 the B30E outputs 175HP @5800. The car's name was changed the 164E, the E meaning fuel injection. Note that in 1972 both the carbureted B30A and the fuel injected B30E were available. Because of smog restrictions in the US, a special low compression version named the B30F was sold in North America from 1973 to 1975. The output went down to 130HP@5500 in 1975. Check the engine specifications for details.

The 164 can be found with standard or automatic transmission. From 1969 to 1971 the standard transmission was 4 speed. From 1972 to 1975 the standard transmission is 5 speed, the 5th being an electrically operated overdrive.

VOLVO 164 1969 TO 1972
VOLVO 164 First Style Front End, 1969 to 1972

The body's first generation looked like the car shown above. This front end with tall grille and curved front bumper was produced from 1969 to 1972.


  • The door handles were changed for the flush style used for many years after on the 240 series.
  • The seat belts with winding mechanism were introduced.
  • Cars with manual transmission got a new the shorter shifter
  • Cars with automatic transmission also got a new floor shifters
  • Lumbar support adjusting knobs that can be adjusted while driving were introduced. Previously the adjustment had to be done with a screwdriver
  • A new center control panel added below the dash board, with new clock, rear demist switch, hazard switch

VOLVO 164E 1973
VOLVO 164 Later Style Front End, 1973 to 1975


In 1973 both the 164 and 140 models got a major facelift and started to look like what became the basis of the 240 series

  • New taillights and side marker lights and plate lights
  • New front and rear bumpers, front bumper now straight under the grille
  • Front grille shorter than before
  • New dash, instruments, switches, hood cable, steering wheel, tachometer added
  • New wiper system
  • New heating system
  • Power windows
  • New emblems


  • The small vent windows on the front doors were eliminated.
  • The side view mirrors are now mounted on the base of the window frame.
  • Huge front and rear bumpers
  • That year the headliner was also changed
  • New fuel cap and large gas tank
  • Exhaust system, rear muffler changed


In 1975 the car got its final update:

  • The interior was refreshed with new seats
  • The parking brake was moved between the seats and a plastic cover used to hides the handle, like on the later 240 series.
  • New rear brakes, discs, emergency brake cable
  • New interior rear view mirror
  • New wheels, the offset was changed
  • New wider taillights
  • New rear seat belts
  • New emblems on the rear of the car

In 1975 the 240 series started being sold in North America and the first 240's were largely based on the 140 and 164 models. The 240 series provides a huge source of used and aftermarket parts to fix and upgrade the 164s. For example all wheels from a 240 or 740 model will fit on a 164.

If you are looking into purchasing a VOLVO 164, the main issue will be tuning and finding parts specific to the B30 engine. If you own a fuel injected B30E/F model, everything is ok until the engine starts acting up and you pull your hairs off trying to find the problem. Once you think you know what's the problem, finding the parts to fix it will be another exercise of patience and archeological digging on the web and elsewhere. For that reason I recommend the earlier carburetor models, easier to troubleshoot and find parts.


Full Name Engine From To Comment
VOLVO 164 - 1969 1972 Identifies cars with a dual carburetor engine (B30A).
- B30A 1969 1972
VOLVO 164E - 1972 1975 Identifies cars with a fuel injected engine (B30E or B30F)
- B30E 1972 1972
- B30F 1973 1975

Chassis available
Name Style Description From To Total Production
VOLVO 164 4 door sedan 164 4 door sedan 1969 1975 153189

VOLVO 164E Production
VOLVO 164 Production
VOLVO 164 1969 164 S 1 12200 B30A M400,BW35
VOLVO 164 1970 164 T 12200 20200 B30A M400,BW35
VOLVO 164 1971 164 U 32400 20390 B30A M400,BW35
VOLVO 164 1972 164,164E W 52790 21660 B30A,B30E M410,BW35
VOLVO 164 1973 164E Y 74450 28500 B30F M410,BW35
VOLVO 164 1974 164E A 102950 29626 B30F M410,BW35
VOLVO 164 1975 164E B 132576 20613 B30F M410,BW35

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